Fellows Friday: A TED Fellow confesses to having only $5 to their name …

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At the recent TED Fellows Retreat in Whistler, Canada, artist Candy Chang set up an interactive art piece called Confessions that invited the 185 Fellows at the event to share. The installation asked each Fellow to write down a confession on a slip of paper and pin it up on a bulletin board, creating a public wall of admissions and fears.

[ted_talkteaser id=1553]”These anonymous confessions were all written by people we know. I think it made it more profound,” says Chang. “The TED Fellows family is bursting with overachievers, and it’s easy to feel like everyone has got it all worked out. The Confessions wall helped us see we’re all imperfect human beings full of anxieties, longings, hurt and confusion. Anonymity can be a safe and gentle first step towards honesty, vulnerability, trust and understanding.” 

Among the posts on the wall was an admission of financial insecurity — to which Fellows responded with a  display of…

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